In their words

“Jan's immense ability to cut to the chase, ask the right questions – however challenging they might be – process information and turn complexity into clarity makes her an ideal person to help any organisation or team find solutions. Jan quickly – and seemingly effortlessly – analyses individual and group motivations and dynamics, enabling her to drive discussion and negotiation to a winning outcome. She is a breath of fresh air: the epitome of consultancy without the bullshit.”

Phil Talbot
Director of Communications, British Red Cross

In brief

My role often involves acting as a questioning voice within an organisation, enabling clients to address challenges and find consensus. Working alongside the Director of Communications, I helped the British Red Cross agree the three-year communications strategy he had developed, and facilitated workshops with the Board of Directors to integrate and implement the plan.

The British Red Cross is part of the largest humanitarian organisation in the world, helping people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

I was asked to work with their Director of Communications to take forward his three-year communications strategy and make sure everyone understood and knew how to implement it.

That involved bringing key players together and running workshops with the Board of Directors to help them implement the strategy on a practical level. The result was a sense of common ownership and a clear commitment to see things through together.

It was rewarding to be part of such a thorough process, working alongside a committed and enthusiastic client.