In their words

“As a result of Jan’s work, I had a leaner and more coherent roster to oversee – and the quality of the design work increased threefold. Jan is an exceptional person to work with. She cuts to the core of the issue and isn't afraid to advise on and make difficult but essential business decisions. She also has an exceptional understanding of how the design industry works. Jan's approach is collaborative, decisive, tactful and charming. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Jan Casey, you have quite simply struck gold.”

Charlotte Briscall
Head of Digital Experience, Sainsbury's
(former Head of Design, Internet Products and Services, BSkyB)

In brief

A recurring theme in my work is raising the profile of creativity within an organisation, and putting in place processes to improve design and creative output. With BSkyB, I was asked to devise a year-long creative programme for their online design team and external agencies. The result was greater knowledge-sharing, improved efficiencies, and a real sense of collective endeavour.

BSkyB is a FTSE 100 organisation trading as Sky and serving over 10 million homes in the UK. Like any large organisation, they face a challenge when it comes to coordinating creative work, sharing knowledge and maximising resources. I had the privilege of working with a brilliantly receptive and insightful client in Charlotte Briscall, Head of Design for Internet Products and Services.

Together, we devised a year-long creative programme for the online design team and nine external creative agencies. I believe that well-managed interaction between agencies is such a positive thing – it leads to a sense of healthy competition and means everyone gets an appreciation of the bigger brand vision.

The creative programme generated a buzz throughout the organisation and a number of BSkyB’s internal marketing and strategic leaders also asked to take part. It was heartening to see a sense of collective pride develop among everyone involved.