In their words

“Jan is one of the most charming and diligent people I have worked with in recent years. Her time at Royal Mail showed her to be conscientious and engaging, with a level of professionalism that had a significant positive effect on the projects she was managing. Jan's intuitive communication skills, combined with an ability to understand the commercial and creative demands of each project, helped her build strong and effective working relationships with a disparate mix of clients.”

Marcus James
Head of Design and Editorial, Royal Mail

In brief

Many of my client relationships last several years, with my services being called upon in different ways at different times. Since 2002, I have been regularly involved with the stamps and collectibles department of the Royal Mail, helping to manage numerous high-profile stamp issues, as well as advising on internal working practices and processes.

It’s a great pleasure to be involved in Royal Mail’s stamp programme, which is highly regarded throughout the philatelic world and rightly draws critical acclaim from the wider design industry. Reporting to their Head of Design and Editorial, I have worked with the stamps and collectibles department on four separate occasions.

One of my responsibilities has been to act as project manager on a series of high-profile stamp issues. I have also been asked to manage the complexities of intellectual property and legal compliance, which involves liaising with notable individuals and organisations, as well as managing contract negotiations between legal teams and third parties. A separate project has involved assessing the working practices of the design, strategy and production teams, identifying ways to introduce more streamlined processes, and helping to implement them.

It’s always satisfying to be asked to work with the same client on more than one occasion, especially one with such a commitment to design excellence.