“In times past, people scaled perilous mountains to consult a sage, crossed oceans to consult an oracle. Conveniently, insight can now be found at the end of a short tube ride to Paddington. Just a few hours later, we left feeling enlightened.”

David Azurdia and Ben Christie, Creative Directors, Magpie Studio

“We asked Jan to run some workshops with the OPX management team to help us identify marketing and PR opportunities for the business. During just one session with Jan we were able to create a clear marketing plan, which we would not have been able to do on our own – she then returned for two more sessions to help keep us on track. Jan gave us the direction and energy to successfully action the plan ourselves. Spending just this limited amount of time with Jan proved to be extremely worthwhile.”

Frances Jackson, Strategy Director, OPX

“We have only had a few sessions with Jan, but she fully understood the structure of our business and challenges we face within a short space of time. Her advice has been invaluable in the process of moving our business in the right direction, by providing us with a set of practical guidelines that we can work towards. We look forward to working together again in the future.”

Alex Lampe and Benji Wiedemann, Creative Partners, A+B Studio

As well as working on long-term projects, I offer a consultancy clinic. These consultations can take place over the phone, by Skype or in person and can be as short as one hour. They are an accessible way to address a defined issue and achieve practical outcomes, particularly where budgets are limited, drawing on the same knowledge and experience that goes into my larger projects.

Starting points are many and varied, but include: