My current role represents the coming together of many different threads of experience.

Before becoming an independent consultant in 2001, I spent 15 years as a director and shareholder of a 60-employee company, which included co-managing its transition from being privately owned to its purchase by WPP.

As a design management consultant and coach, I work at board and senior management level across sectors including finance, government, health, design, entertainment, travel, property and non-profit-making organisations.

I help companies of all sizes to fulfil their potential by understanding their requirements, analysing the issues and managing the necessary changes. This three-tier process has proven effective across all areas of brand and business management, team building and individual coaching.

Alongside this, my continuing practice as a psychotherapist adds an insightful, empathic and analytical dimension to my work.

I seek to bring clarity to complex situations. It is an honour to have the opportunity to do this alongside knowledgeable and appreciative clients in a wide range of disciplines.